The Campaigns

Over the years Fafnir' has been a world which has been adopted by a number of gaming groups across the state of Texas.

The Original Campaign

In the city of Pasadena, Texas a few nerds sat down to play Dungeons and Dragons. The land in which they played was called Fafnir'. The general premise of the story was the players' characters were all from the town of Moon Shade in the central plans of Fafnir'. Moon Shade was taken by the evil Hobgoblin warrior General Deaths Head and the Wizard Kain of Pain. Into this conflict entered the knightly order, The Left Hand Black, who might not be who they seem to be. The heroes set out to liberate the city. This campaign was played for nearly two decades and saw many people play a character. It was theses new people that came into the game which took Fafnir' to new places. These other campaigns across the state of Texas carried the creative group story telling which started with the heroes of Moon Shade in  1991.

The Liberation of the Orcs

Thousands of years before Moon Shade was taken by General Deaths Head in the great desert the Orcs began to fight for their liberation from the Desert Elfs. This campaign was meant do be a re-imagining of the book of Exodus. This campaign was played in Clear Lake. The final climactic battle took place at the Room a Thousand Years Wide when The Nameless One entered in his journey to defeat evil. Future Fafnir' One of the players of the original campaign left for college and later moved to Longview, Texas to start a family. He was also a Dungeon Master. Jordan Laverell continued to play DnD and instead of keeping Fafnir' in a mid evil fantasy setting he moved the time line up a few hundred years and integrated modern technology. The descendants of the original campaign are in the same lands and new heroes drive cars, live in sky scrapers, and go on adventures to continue shaping Fafnir'. Waco College Group Jordan Laverell's first group was started when he left for college in Waco. He has since moved on from taking ideas directly from Fafnir', but back then he used the world to gain experience as a Dungeon Master. The San Marcos Campaign In San Marcos, Texas another group Dungeon Mastered by Justin Clark has picked up a number of the characters from the world of Fafnir'. Combining locations from other  worlds, his own story line, and the  characters from Fafnir' this campaign is the farthest removed from the original campaign.

Drow City of Metharz

The city of Metharz is the culmination of the lessons I learned from Anthony's world building and story telling skills.  This dark city is inserted into the under-dark of Fafnir' and is a place where heroes can venture if they dare, or a place for Drow start down the road to acquiring more power. Metharz is currently Dungeon Mastered by Garret in Bay Town Texas.