Playing DnD

What is Dungeons and Dragons A Small example of playing the game Here in San Marcos the Rogue in the group, Gelbin, played by Tanner on the right is trying to decide if he should help the Wizard of the group, Feaora, played by Justin on the left, open some locked spell books. The problem is Feaora has figured out the books have magical traps placed on them, and if Gelbin isn't careful unlocking them┬áhe could die. In this short video they are adding up the bonuses Gelbin will get to add to his dice roll to find out if he is successful. He must roll a 20 sided dice, add his bonuses, and if this result is equal to or higher than the magical trap's disarm level ( its was 35) he doesn't die and opens the book. If he gets a lower result, well it is a bad day.