The World of Fafnir’

This is the story of story telling. We all know Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and Martin's Song of Ice & Fire the world of Fafnir' is different from these places and is not even close to as widely known. It is however a place where many different people have gotten to tell their stories. This is a big difference to the classical methods of story telling. The world of Fafnir' and the other worlds in Dungeons and Dragons is a place where you can do and be anything. You get to tell your story and have someone else's story told to you.   The world of Fafnir' is about telling stories together. It started with a high school student in Deer Park, Texas and moved slowly across the state of Texas as Fafnir' was picked up traded and expanded on by group after gaming group. How and who we tell stories with reflects our lives. Fafnir' my not be as well know but, it is as rich a place as Ed Greenwood's seminal DnD campaign setting Forgotten Realms, full of heroes and villains. In this video the creator of Fafnir' talks about its origins and how he got started playing DnD     This next part of my conversation with Anthony I told him about all the other people who have Dungeon Mastered in his world. His reaction to the number of people, what they did with the world, and how far away from Pasadena Texas it got is what it means to be a DM and to share your imagination.